Dump Truck Trailer

Dump/Tipping Truck Trailer

A dump truck trailer is a type of trailer that is attached to a dump truck, allowing it to transport and unload bulk materials such as sand, gravel, or construction debris. The trailer has a hydraulic lift system that allows the bed of the trailer to be raised to dump its contents. Dump truck trailers are commonly used in construction and landscaping projects to transport materials from one location to another and are essential for efficiently moving large quantities of materials.

Product Type Of Dump Truck Trailer

Dump Truck Trailer
Side Tipper Semi Trailer
Dump Truck Trailer
End Tipper Semi Trailer
  • Our dump tipper semi trailers have 2 types:side tipper semi trailer and end tipper semi trailer.The side tipper semi trailer with 5 oil cylinder and 1 shift oil cylinder,the panel at side both are removable.The end tipper semi trailer just has only 1 Hydraulic oil cylinder with protection cover.
  • About end tipper semi trailer,we have U shape body and square shape body.The U shape end tipper semi trailer capacity is small,less loading,often used in weight limit countries.The square end tipper semi trailer can load 45 to 50 cubic meters,which reinforced main beam.When loading over 30 cubic meters,the risk is greater and we will install an automatic folding auxiliary support.

Product Gallery Of Dump Truck Trailer

Product Parameter Of Dump Truck Trailer

Shape U shape body
Dimension 8.87m*2.5m*3.5m (outside) or Customized
Box Dimension 7.8m*2.3m*1.4m   25cbm
Payload MAX.40T
Lifting System 196 hydraulic oil cylinder HYVA brand
Frame Welding design “H” beam, Q345B carbon steel material
Frame Beam (Heavy duty ) Upper and lower plate is 14mm and 16mm, Double middle is 8 mm. Height is 500 mm
Steel Thickness Bottom plate:3mm Side plate:2mm
Axle 3pcs 13tons FUWA brand axles,16tons brake pads
Landing Gear JOST brand 28T lifting capacity
King Pin 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in
Suspension Mechanical suspension
Leaf Spring 90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10Layer
Brake System Dual line pneumatic brake system, T30/30+T30 air chamber , 40L air tanks, Emergency relay valve
Tire 12R22.5*12+1pcs, TRIANGLE brand
Accessories One standard tool box and spare tire rack
Electrical System 24 volt electrical system.7 pin electrical connector. Parking .stop,reverse,number plate and indicator lights. rear lights conform to European standard, rear front and side reflectors
Painting Complete Chassis sand blasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anti-corrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint

What Is The Dump Truck Trailer?

  • A dump truck trailer is a type of trailer specifically designed to haul materials and debris such as gravel, sand, dirt, rocks, and construction waste. These trailers have a large, open-top container that can be tilted or raised at an angle to dump the load easily. The design of the dump truck trailer allows for efficient loading and unloading of heavy materials, making them ideal for construction, landscaping, and agricultural applications.
  • Dump truck trailers come in various sizes and configurations, ranging from small single-axle trailers to large multi-axle trailers capable of carrying several tons of material. They are typically equipped with hydraulic systems that power the lifting mechanism, allowing the container to be raised and tipped without the need for manual labor. This feature enables quick and easy dumping of the load, increasing productivity and reducing labor costs for the operator.
  • The dump truck trailer is a versatile and essential piece of equipment for many industries that require the transportation of bulk materials. Its ability to quickly and efficiently unload heavy loads makes it a valuable asset for construction companies, farmers, and landscaping businesses. With their durable construction and reliable performance, dump truck trailers are a popular choice for those who need a dependable and efficient solution for hauling materials over long distances.

Product Advantage Of Dump Truck Trailer

  • There are several key advantages that dump truck trailers offer over other types of hauling equipment.
  • One major advantage is the ability to easily unload materials, thanks to the hydraulic lifting mechanism. This allows for quick and efficient dumping of the load, reducing the time and labor required for the unloading process.
  • Another advantage is the versatility of dump truck trailers, as they can transport a wide range of materials such as gravel, sand, dirt, and construction waste. This makes them suitable for a variety of industries, including construction, agriculture, and landscaping.
  • Furthermore, dump truck trailers are designed for heavy-duty use, with durable construction that can withstand the rigors of transporting heavy loads over long distances. This reliability ensures that operators can depend on their dump truck trailers to get the job done safely and efficiently.
  • Overall, the product advantages of dump truck trailers make them a popular choice for businesses that require a reliable and efficient solution for hauling materials.
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How do Dump Truck Trailers work?

Dump truck trailers, also known as dump trailers, function by using a hydraulic system to lift and tilt the bed of the trailer, allowing the contents to be discharged. The process typically involves the following steps:
  1. The dump trailer is connected to a towing vehicle, such as a truck or tractor, using a hitch.
  2. The hydraulic system is activated, either manually or electronically, to raise the trailer bed to an upright position.
  3. The contents, such as gravel, dirt, or construction materials, are then loaded onto the trailer bed.
  4. Once the trailer bed is loaded, the hydraulic system is activated again to lower and secure the bed in its horizontal position for transport.
  5. When it is time to unload the contents, the hydraulic system is used to raise the trailer bed to an angled position, allowing the materials to be discharged through the open rear gate.
  6. After unloading, the hydraulic system is used to lower the bed back to its horizontal position, ready for the next load.

How To Choose A Dump Truck Trailer?

When choosing a dump truck trailer, there are several factors to consider to ensure you select the right one for your needs:
  1. Capacity: Consider the weight and volume of the materials you will be transporting. Choose a dump trailer with a capacity that can handle the amount of material you typically carry.
  2. Size: The size of the dump trailer should also be suitable for your towing vehicle and the job requirements. Make sure the trailer dimensions are compatible with your equipment and the sites you will be working on.
  3. Material: Dump trailers are available in different materials, such as steel, aluminum, or composite. Steel trailers are durable and suitable for heavy-duty use, while aluminum trailers are lighter and more corrosion-resistant. Choose the material that best suits your needs and budget.
  4. Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system is a critical component of a dump trailer. Make sure the hydraulic system is powerful enough to lift and tilt the trailer bed smoothly and safely. Consider whether you need a manual or electric hydraulic system based on your preference and usage.
  5. Features: Look for additional features that can enhance the functionality and convenience of the dump trailer, such as removable sides, ramps, tarp systems, and air suspension. These features can make loading, unloading, and transporting materials easier and more efficient.
  6. Brand and quality: Choose a reputable manufacturer with a history of producing high-quality dump truck trailers. Consider the warranty, customer reviews, and service support offered by the manufacturer.
  7. Budget: Determine your budget and compare the prices of different dump truck trailers that meet your requirements. Remember to factor in maintenance costs, insurance, and other expenses associated with owning a dump trailer.

By considering these factors carefully, you can choose a dump truck trailer that meets your needs and helps you efficiently transport and unload materials on the job site.

Application Scenarios Of Dump Truck Trailer

Dump truck trailers are versatile vehicles that can be used in a variety of scenarios across different industries. Some common application scenarios for dump truck trailers include:

Dump truck trailers are commonly used in the construction industry to transport and unload materials such as gravel, sand, dirt, and construction debris. They can easily navigate construction sites and quickly dump materials where needed.

Landscaping companies often use dump truck trailers to transport mulch, soil, rocks, and other landscaping materials to residential and commercial properties. The ability to tilt and unload materials makes them efficient for landscaping projects.

Farmers and agricultural businesses use dump truck trailers to transport feed, livestock, hay, and other agricultural materials around the farm. The hydraulic lift system makes it easy to unload materials such as grain and fertilizers.

Demolition and debris removal companies use dump truck trailers to haul away demolished materials from construction sites. The ability to quickly unload debris helps streamline the demolition process and keep the job site clean.

Waste management companies utilize dump truck trailers to transport and dispose of bulky waste materials, such as branches, tree trimmings, and construction waste. The trailers make it easy to dump materials at waste disposal sites.

In the road construction industry, dump truck trailers are used to transport hot mix asphalt to road construction sites. The trailers can efficiently dump the asphalt where needed for paving roads and highways.

During the winter months, dump truck trailers can be fitted with snow plows and used for snow removal operations. The trailers can transport and dump snow away from roads and parking lots to keep them clear and safe for traffic.

Product Shipping Of Dump Truck Trailer

Dump tipper semi trailer will ship to your country by Frame or Bulk Cargo.When bulk cargo is transported, we will spray wax to prevent corrosion and rust.If you buy more than two side tipper semi trailers, We’ll flatten the panels and stack them to reduce the volume, so as to reduce the ocean freight cost for you. When using frame transportation, it will be fixed with iron chains, but the length should not exceed 11.7 meters.

Our service is for the sake of customers. You can arrange your own ships to pick up the goods at Chinese ports, and we can also help you arrange the shipments. We will choose a shipping company and will also insure your dump tipper semi trailer on the road. Ensure the safe and stable delivery of the trailer to your hands.

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Dump/Tipping Truck Trailer
Dump Truck Trailer

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