Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer is also known as tanker, highway tanker, etc. It is mainly used for transportation and storage of oil products such as petroleum derivatives, gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar. Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer are widely used in oil depots, gas stations, oil fields, chemical plants, food plants, asphalt plants, etc.

Product Gallery Of Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

Product Parameter Of Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

Model YH-TT-40
SIZE 10800*2500*3690mm, 10900*2500*3820mm, 11300* 2500*3700mm
Volume 28000-60000L
GVW(kg) 40000
Payload 28T – 70tons
Axle distance 5180* 1310* 1310
Tank /Thickness 5/7MM
Discharge vale 4″ API Adaptor Valve or 3″ Spherical Valve
Bottom valve 3″, 4″ Contral by Pneumatic Block
Handrail Manual, Pneumatic
Main Beam Q345 Carbon steel material
Axles 2 – 4 pcs 13 – 20tons BPW or Fuwa Axles
Suspension Mechanical, Air, Bogie
Landing Leg JOST E100
Brake system 6pcs T30/30 Brake Chambers, WABCO relay valve
Tire 11.00R20 12PR,12R22.5 12PR
King Pin JOST 2″ or 3.5 ” Bolting Type
Rear wheel distance 1840/1840/1840

What Is The Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer?

  • A fuel tanker semi-trailer is a specialized type of trailer designed for transporting liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and others. It’s commonly used in the transportation industry to move large quantities of fuel from refineries or distribution centers to various destinations such as gas stations, airports, or industrial facilities.
  • These trailers are typically cylindrical in shape and made of durable materials such as aluminum or steel to withstand the pressure and weight of the liquid cargo. They feature multiple compartments or tanks within the trailer to carry different types of fuel simultaneously, and they often come equipped with safety features such as anti-roll devices, emergency shutoff valves, and vapor recovery systems to prevent spills and accidents.
  • Fuel tanker semi-trailers are an essential part of the logistics network that ensures a steady supply of fuel to meet the demands of modern transportation and industry.

Product Advantage Of Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

  1. The vehicle body is made of high-quality steel, Laser welding fixed-point welding ,strong welding force ,beautiful welding seam.
  2. The tank adopts advanced fluidized tube structure, the internal chute Angle is large, the discharging speed is fast, and the residual rate is low.
  3. They are inspected and used in strict accordance with the requirements of quality system documents to ensure the good performance of the vehicle.
  4. The car structure is reasonable, in strict accordance with the requirements of quality system documents for inspection, reliable performance.
  5. The use of ADR system can timely and safely cut off the power supply, prevent the occurrence of electric arc, electric spark, and avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.
  6. Various specifications of accessories, can be equipped with different materials.
Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

How do Fuel Tanker Semi Trailers work?

Fuel tanker semi-trailers work by transporting liquid fuel safely and efficiently from one location to another. Here’s how they typically operate:

  1. Loading: The tanker trailer is filled with liquid fuel at a refinery, terminal, or loading station. Loading is done through special valves and fittings on the top or rear of the tanker.
  2. Transport: Once loaded, the tanker is attached to a tractor (truck) and driven to its destination. The tanker is designed to safely carry large volumes of liquid fuel over long distances.
  3. Unloading: At the destination, the tanker is positioned for unloading. Depending on the setup, unloading can be done via gravity (by opening valves and letting the fuel flow out) or through the use of a pump system.
  4. Safety Features: Fuel tanker semi-trailers are equipped with safety features to prevent accidents and spills. These may include emergency shutoff valves, vapor recovery systems, and anti-roll devices. These features help protect both the environment and the people involved in the operation.
  5. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the safe operation of fuel tanker semi-trailers. This includes inspecting the tanker for leaks, checking the integrity of valves and fittings, and ensuring that all safety systems are functioning properly.
  6. Compliance: Transporting liquid fuel involves complying with various regulations and standards related to safety, environmental protection, and transportation of hazardous materials. Fuel tanker operators must adhere to these regulations to ensure the safe and legal transport of fuel.
  • In summary, fuel tanker semi-trailers are specialized vehicles designed to transport liquid fuel safely and efficiently. They play a critical role in the fuel supply chain, ensuring that fuel is delivered from refineries to distribution points such as gas stations, airports, and industrial facilities in a reliable and secure manner.

How To Choose A Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer?

1. Type of Liquid to Transport:

  • Chemical Compatibility: Consider the compatibility of the tanker material with the liquid to be transported. For corrosive or reactive liquids, select a tanker made from suitable materials such as stainless steel or specialized coatings.
  • Temperature Requirements: Some liquids may require heating or cooling during transport. Choose a tanker equipped with the appropriate heating/cooling systems if needed.
  • Safety Regulations: Ensure the tanker meets safety regulations and requirements specific to the type of liquid being transported, such as those for hazardous materials.

2. Selecting the Right Specification:

  • Tanker Capacity: Determine the volume of liquid you need to transport to select the appropriate tanker capacity. Consider factors like frequency of trips and distance.
  • Material and Construction: Choose a material and construction that suits the type of liquid and the conditions of transport (e.g., stainless steel for corrosive liquids, aluminum for lighter weight).
  • Configuration and Features: Consider features such as number of compartments, type of discharge system (gravity, pump), and any additional safety features required (e.g., rollover protection, emergency shutoff valves).
  • Axle Configuration: Choose an axle configuration suitable for the weight and distribution of the liquid being transported, complying with local regulations.
  • Compliance and Certification: Ensure the trailer complies with relevant regulations and standards (e.g., DOT, ADR, ASME) for the type of liquid and the regions where it will be used.
  • Manufacturer Reputation and Support: Select a reputable manufacturer with a track record of producing reliable, high-quality tanker trailers. Consider the availability of spare parts and service support.
  • By considering these aspects, you can choose a fuel tanker semi-trailer that is suitable for transporting the specific liquid you need to move safely and efficiently.

Application Scenarios Of Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

Fuel tanker semi-trailers find application in various scenarios where the transportation of liquid fuels is required. Some common application scenarios include:

  1. Petroleum Industry: Fuel tanker semi-trailers are extensively used in the petroleum industry to transport gasoline, diesel, and other petroleum products from refineries to distribution centers, fuel depots, and gas stations. They ensure a steady supply of fuel to meet the demands of consumers and industries.
  2. Aviation Industry: Jet fuel, also known as aviation fuel, is transported in specialized fuel tanker semi-trailers to airports for refueling aircraft. These trailers are equipped with the necessary safety features to comply with aviation regulations and ensure the safe handling of jet fuel.
  3. Industrial Applications: Many industries rely on liquid fuels for their operations, such as manufacturing plants, construction sites, and power generation facilities. Fuel tanker semi-trailers are used to transport fuels like diesel and lubricants to these industrial sites, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  4. Emergency Response: In emergency situations such as natural disasters or accidents, fuel tanker semi-trailers can be deployed to deliver fuel to affected areas for emergency vehicles, generators, and equipment. They play a crucial role in disaster relief efforts by ensuring the availability of fuel for essential services.
  5. Agricultural Sector: Farms and agricultural operations often require diesel fuel for tractors, harvesters, and other machinery. Fuel tanker semi-trailers are used to deliver fuel directly to farms, helping farmers maintain their equipment and carry out essential tasks.
  6. Military Operations: Military forces require large quantities of fuel for their vehicles, aircraft, and equipment. Fuel tanker semi-trailers are employed to transport fuel to military bases, forward operating locations, and during military exercises to support logistical operations.
  7. Transportation Logistics: Fuel tanker semi-trailers are an integral part of the transportation logistics network, ensuring the efficient distribution of fuel across vast distances. They play a critical role in supply chain management, particularly in regions where access to fuel infrastructure is limited.
  • Overall, fuel tanker semi-trailers serve a wide range of application scenarios, facilitating the safe and reliable transportation of liquid fuels essential for various industries and sectors.

Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer For Sale

Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

28000L Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

5000 Gallon Tanker Trailer

Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

80000L Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

28T Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

70T Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

35000 Liters Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer_11zon

35000L Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

40000L Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

43000 Liters Fuel Tanker Semi Trailers_11zon

43000L Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer_11zon

45000L Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

42000 L Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer_11zon

42000L Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

50000L Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer_11zon

50000L Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

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