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Side Lifter Trailer

Side lifter trailer is mainly used to load 20ft and 40ft containers, especially in the port of shipment, using side lifter, the work efficiency will be very fast. Side lifter trailer is a special container loading and unloading vehicle used in container terminals and transfer yards. The role of the side-loading container trailer is to realize the loading and unloading of containers, such as the loading and unloading of container flatbed trailers.

Product Gallery Of Side Lifter Trailer

Product Parameter Of Side Lifter Trailer

Max. lifting capacity 37/40/45Ton
Max.stabilizer outreach 3200mm
Max.working range 4000mm
Overall height 2500mm
Overall length 1020mm
Max.pressure of hydraulic system 28Mpa
Dimension(L*W*H) 14100*2500*4200mm/7500*2500*4200mm
Axle 3/2axle* 13 ton (220mm brake pads)
Tire 12/8pcs, 12R22.5
Suspension Heavy duty type mechanical spring suspension
Kingpin 3.5 inch bolted type
Braking system WABCO Emergency valve
Landing gear JOST
Tow Chain lgus (imported)
Power source Power take-off (equipped)
Hydraulic pump Gear type Casappa Italy
Direction control valves AMCA Holand
Remote Control NBB Germany

What Is The Side Lifter Trailer?

  • A Side Lifter Trailer, also known as a sideloader or side loader, is a specialized type of trailer designed for lifting and transporting shipping containers. Unlike conventional trailers that require cranes or forklifts for loading and unloading containers, side lifter trailers feature hydraulic lifting mechanisms mounted on the sides of the trailer.
  • These hydraulic arms can extend outward and lift containers from the ground, allowing them to be loaded or unloaded directly onto the trailer without the need for additional equipment. Side lifter trailers are commonly used in logistics and transportation industries, particularly for transporting shipping containers between ports, terminals, and inland depots.
  • Their ability to load and unload containers independently makes them highly efficient and versatile, especially in locations where space or access is limited. Side lifter trailers come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different container sizes and weights, providing a convenient solution for container transport and logistics operations.

Different types of Side Lifter Trailer

  • The side lifter trailer integrates the functions of container lifting, container unloading, and container transportation.
  • According to the type of transportation container, it is divided into side lifter truck and side lifter trailer. 
  • According to the different tonnage of lifting, it can be divided into 16 tons, 25 tons, 37 tons, 40 ton, 45 tons of side lifter trailer, of which 37 tons and 45 tons are the best sales.
  • According to different transport chassis, it can be divided into 20ft side lifter truck, 20ft side lifter trailer and 40ft side lifter trailer. 
Side Lifter Trailer
20Ft Side Lifter Trailer
Side Lifter Trailer
40Ft Side Lifter Trailer
Side Lifter Trailer
20Ft Sidelifter Lifter Trailer

Dimensions of Side Lifter Trailer

  • 37 Ton 40ft Side Lifter Trailer Dimensions: 14100*2500*4100mm
  • 37 Ton 20ft Side Lifter Truck Dimensions: 12000x2500x4000mm
  • 37 Ton 20ft Side Lifter Trailer Dimensions: 8500*2500*4100mm
  • Maximum lifting capacity 37000 kg
  • Maximum working range 4000 mm
  • Maximum stabilizer outreach 3200 mm

Product Advantage Of Side Lifter Trailer

  • Save time and improve efficiency: TITAN side lifter trailer can work efficiently throughout the day, and can easily load and unload and transport containers by itself. Flexible solution: With TITAN side lifter trailer, you can get closer and lift between trailers safely and with high precision.
  • The famous WABCO brake valve, JOST landing gear for the main chassis container skeleton trailer. The famous NBB German remote control, is easy to operate. TITAN 40ft container side lift trailer adopts wireless remote control technology, it only takes 10 minutes to load the container.

1. Application Diversity

37 tons lifting capacity, tested to 45 tons. According to the type of shipping container, it is divided into sidelifter truck trailer for sale. According to different transport chassis, it can be divided into self-loading truck and side-loading semi-trailer. Mainly used for loading containers, but also for loading container tanks, equipment, wood, etc.

2. Double stacking of containers

The TITAN side lifter trailer can double stack two tall cube containers on the ground without the use of chain shorteners. It avoids investment in specific equipment.

3. Transfer from/to other trailers

When multiple containers must be delivered in the same yard, the side lifter trailer can pick up the container on the companion trailer to ground it. Wait times for trucks and trailers are greatly reduced, increasing the efficiency and profitability of each trip.

4. Grounding and lifting of containers

Grounding and lifting represent 90% of the side lifter trailer’s tasks. Once on the ground, the side lifter trailer can do another job, and the containers can be more easily filled or unloaded without the need for specific infrastructures like platforms or loading ramps. So the forklift can enter the container. Handling containers even on rough ground.

How do Side Lifter Trailer work?

Here’s a detailed description of how a Side Lifter Trailer works, broken down into four paragraphs:
  1. Hydraulic Lifting Mechanis: The Side Lifter Trailer employs a hydraulic lifting mechanism integrated into its side structure. This mechanism consists of hydraulic arms equipped with gripping mechanisms that extend outward to engage with the shipping container. These arms are strategically positioned to securely grip the corners of the container.
  2. Container Engagement: Once the hydraulic arms are extended, they make contact with the corners of the shipping container. The gripping mechanisms ensure a secure hold on the container, preventing slippage during the lifting process. The hydraulic system is then activated to initiate the lifting or lowering process, depending on whether the container is being loaded onto or unloaded from the trailer bed.
  3. Lifting Process: With the container securely engaged, the hydraulic system begins the lifting process. Hydraulic fluid is pressurized and directed to the hydraulic cylinders within the arms, causing them to extend and raise the container off the ground. The lifting process is carefully controlled to ensure stability and prevent any sudden movements that could jeopardize safety.
  4. Transportation and Retraction: Once the container is lifted clear of the ground, it is positioned onto or off the trailer bed as required. Once loaded or unloaded, the hydraulic arms retract, bringing the container securely onto the trailer bed or releasing it onto the ground. The Side Lifter Trailer is then ready to transport the container to its destination. By leveraging hydraulic technology, the Side Lifter Trailer streamlines the loading and unloading process, eliminating the need for external equipment like cranes or forklifts, thus enhancing operational efficiency and versatility in container transportation tasks.

How To Choose A Side Lifter Trailer?

Choosing a Side Lifter Trailer involves considering several factors such as load capacity, hydraulic system efficiency, durability, and compatibility with your specific transportation needs. Here are some key steps to guide your selection process:
  1. Determine Load Capacity: Assess the average weight and size of the containers you’ll be handling to ensure the Side Lifter Trailer you choose has an appropriate load capacity. It’s crucial to select a trailer that can safely lift and transport your heaviest containers without exceeding its weight limit.
  2. Evaluate Hydraulic System: Look for Side Lifter Trailers with efficient and reliable hydraulic systems. Consider factors such as lifting speed, control precision, and safety features like overload protection. A robust hydraulic system will ensure smooth and safe operation during loading and unloading processes.
  3. Consider Durability and Build Quality: Invest in a Side Lifter Trailer constructed from high-quality materials and designed for durability. The trailer should withstand the rigors of frequent use and adverse weather conditions without compromising performance. Check for features such as reinforced chassis, corrosion-resistant components, and sturdy construction.
  4. Assess Maneuverability and Versatility: Choose a Side Lifter Trailer that offers ease of maneuverability and versatility to accommodate different loading and unloading scenarios. Consider factors such as turning radius, axle configuration, and accessibility to tight spaces. A versatile trailer will enhance efficiency and productivity in various transportation settings.
  5. Evaluate Safety Features: Prioritize safety by selecting a Side Lifter Trailer equipped with advanced safety features. Look for features such as automatic leveling systems, emergency stop mechanisms, and visibility enhancements like LED lights and rear-view cameras. Safety should be a top priority to protect both personnel and cargo during operation.
  6. Review Manufacturer Reputation and Support: Research reputable manufacturers known for producing high-quality Side Lifter Trailers and providing excellent customer support. Read reviews, testimonials, and warranty information to gauge the manufacturer’s reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction. Choose a manufacturer that offers comprehensive support services and readily available spare parts.

By carefully considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can choose a Side Lifter Trailer that meets your specific requirements and ensures efficient and reliable container transportation operations.

Application Scenarios Of Side Lifter Trailer

side lifter trailer-ap
side lifter trailer-ap3
side lifter trailer-ap2
  • Side Lifter Trailers are extensively used in intermodal transport operations, where shipping containers need to be efficiently loaded onto or unloaded from trucks or trains. They enable seamless transfer of containers between different modes of transportation, such as ships, trains, and trucks, facilitating smooth cargo movement across various distances.
  • Side Lifter Trailers play a crucial role in port operations by expediting the handling of shipping containers within port terminals. They can efficiently load and unload containers from container ships onto trucks for onward transportation or storage within the terminal yard. Their ability to operate in confined spaces makes them ideal for navigating busy port environments.
  • Side Lifter Trailers are commonly used in container yards and depots for stacking, organizing, and transporting shipping containers within the facility. They facilitate efficient container management by enabling operators to quickly move containers to designated storage areas or load them onto trucks for delivery to customers or other transport hubs.
  • Side Lifter Trailers are employed in logistics and distribution centers for handling inbound and outbound container shipments. They streamline the loading and unloading process, allowing for faster turnaround times and improved operational efficiency. Additionally, their versatility enables them to handle a wide range of container sizes and types, catering to diverse customer requirements.
  • Side Lifter Trailers are utilized in construction sites and industrial facilities for transporting construction materials, equipment, and machinery stored in shipping containers. They provide a convenient and cost-effective means of transporting heavy and oversized loads to and from job sites, reducing the need for manual labor and specialized lifting equipment.
Side Lifter Trailer

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