German type axle

Product Introduction of German type axle

1. Superior one-piece low-alloy axle tube, strong carrying capacity and high bending strength.

2. Hardening and tempering as a whole, CNC machining.
3. Brake linings, enviroment-friendly and non-asbestos, wear life increased 25% .
4. Bearing is designed for heavy-duty vehicles, famous domestic brand.
5. Spider camshaft and anchor pin bores are machined with reference to the spindle after the welding operation—increases stability and braking performance.
German type axle
6. Specially processed one quality alloy steel axle tube, which has strong bearing capacity, long service life, light weight and excellent performance.
7. High performance asbestos free brake friction plate, good braking performance, long wear resistance and long service life.
8. Brake components interchangeable, S-type camshaft, brake more flexible and reliable, with high-strength wear-resistant ball sets, zero with the assembly, the braking effect is better .
9. Products can choose ABS system.

Product Advantages of German type axle

  • Brake lining
    The product has high quality lining. High quality brake lining can improve the service life of the trailer axle.
  • Chamber Bracket
    If the trailer needs to use the air chamber, this air chamber bracket can help you to install it on to your trailer.
  • Adjust Slack
    The adjusting slack can ensure that the wheel has a constant brake clearance and make it safe and relaible. This part can improve the trailer’s safty.

Product Parameters of German type axle

Mac. Capacity T
Weight kg
Wheel Track mm
P.C.D mm
Axle Tube mm
Brake Size
Square 150*150
Square 150*150
German type axle

Product Detail of German type axle

  • Shaft tube is made of high strength alloy steel plate, which is welded by submerged arc welding and argon gas shielded welding.
    The axle head is made of alloy steel, solid forging, normalizing, roughing and tempering.
  • Bearings adopt domestic famous brand heavy-duty bearings with wear resistance and long service life; axle shoulders adopt special
  • taper design and have high fatigue resistance.
  • High performance asbestos-free friction disc, camshaft and adjusting arm are forged as a whole, reliable and durable (optional automatic adjusting arm), ductile iron hub and gray iron brake drum are manufac tured according to design standards.
    The axle assembly is designedand manufactured inaccordance with international standards.
German type axle
German type axle

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