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28t Double Axles Bogie
28t Double Axles Bogie

Product Introduction Of 28t Double Axles Bogie

Technical Parameter of 28t Double Axles Bogie

ModelCapacity(kg)Track-TK(mm)Wheel Base-WBLeaf Spring Center Distance(mm)
ModelLeaf Spring Width/QTY(mm)Panel Dimension-A*B*CPCD(mm)Recommend Wheel Rim
                                            1. Each part can be customized according to customer requirements. 
                                            2. German type/American type/spoke type can be selected for axles.

Detailed Images of 28t Double Axles Bogie

28t Double Axles Bogie
28t Double Axles Bogie

Advantages of 28t Double Axles Bogie

  1. The light weight reduces the impact on the body and improves the ground adhesion of the wheel; the softer spring with less stiffness can improve the comfort of the car; the engine position can be lowered, the car center of gravity can be reduced, and the car can be driven. Stability; the left and right wheels are individually beating and independent of each other, which can reduce the tilt and vibration of the body.
  2. Modern cars mostly use single-point suspension systems. According to their different structural forms, single-point suspension systems can be divided into cross-arm type, trailing arm type, multi-link type, candle type and McPherson suspension system.

Production Process of 28t Double Axles Bogie

Raw Materials
Cutting Pipe
Plate Cutting
Shot Blasting
Finished Products

Package of 28t Double Axles Bogie

Normally, we packing our goods with wooden cases.

  1. Standard export package (from inside to outside): oiled paper, boxes, cartons, (and wooden pallets).
  2. Protective packaging for specific parts:
    The wheels are packed in highly elastic pearl cotton to prevent collisions during transport.
    The bolts and caps have a protective sleeve of their own.
    The wheels are wrapped in stretch film to prevent damage.

FAQ of 28t Double Axles Bogie

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